fashion shows are a fun way to show off what new clothes you have but mire competitive. they started out with one in downtown but less people started going. a few years later a new type of fashion show was released: the island show with all the themes multi theme and all of them have beach in them but with a normal everyday theme. with the island it is still the same process: round 1, round 2, and the final round with a roundom outfit chosen for boy and girl.

what do they do for fantagiansEdit

you get stars, and model points, but what are model points? they add points to your fashion show medal or your judge medal if you were a judge and when you have a certain amount of model points you level up! below is a slide show of random fashion show bits and island show bits

HINT: when your posing dont wait for it to get to one then click you have a big chance to get great or ok

what you do to have a better chance to get perfect hold down the button for the pose then when it gets to one..... clickclickclick you have perfect!

  • the vip room for members only
  • me about to jump
  • im the cat mech!
  • lets see if i won
  • posing sooo boring
  • my boards which one will i choose
  • a list of some fashion shows
  • who's urika_pop?

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